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Approaches to Press Printing Layouts in Calgary

Basically, you can have to approaches in a calgary press printing layout—you can have two models of the same print book. For example, a print brokering client is producing a graphic novel. He plans to produce an 8.5” by 10.875” book, which will be produced on a headset web print. The volume would comprise of 208 consecutive numbered pages. One print design for the volume as suggested by the client is pages would appear side by side as two-page spreads. The gatefolds would have three connected pages; all pages numbered consecutively. Ask local printing companies calgary about this type of print and they will give you a reasonable answer.

Another approach the client took is creation of a mark by mark design showing exactly how the job would be run on print. This design includes no thumbnail images of pages; just indicating numbered pages as they would appear on a press sheet. Contrasting the series of two-page spreads suggested earlier, this would be a 32-signatures pages. The pages would be on either side of the press sheet for each 16-page signature that would run simultaneously with two web rolls run at the same time. The first printing would be through the press inking units on top of the press. The second would be several feet below the first one. Two 16-page signatures would be combined into a single 32-page signature at the delivery end of the press.

Looking At the Two Layouts

We have two models here of the same print book. We have two approaches that can be applied to any press signature work, including full size case-bound and perfect bound books as well as smaller booklets and even catalogs and magazines. What is common between these two custom printing products is they involve press signature work.printing service in calgary

Generally, signature work is a 4-page, 8-page, 16-page or 32-page groupings, or even more pages, laid out on the top and bottom of a press sheet. This applies to both web offset printing and sheeted printing. In both cases, the signatures are folded and trimmed. They can then be stacked on top of one another or nested together.

Looking at the client’s graphic novel, the calgary printing design was a 4-page cover and two 6-page gatefolds separated from the rest of the print book, leaving 192 text pages numbered consecutively. The book pages indicated exactly where the breaks would be between each of the six 32-page signatures, when grouped this way by the printer. This allows for placing of a gatefold or any other insert between these signatures. The printer’s design shows exactly where these breaks occur.

What We Have Learned

Talk to your custom printer about web-offset or sheeted-offset capabilities. Web presses are a good choice for multi-signature catalogs, books, and magazines. If your project includes color and will be printed on a coated sheet, you will need access to a headset web print. For lots of pages, it is recommended you look for a full-web press.

Think in the perspective of both a printer and reader. Thinking as a printer will help you identify potential printing problems in calgary. Thinking as a reader will help pinpoint potential graphic design issues. Let your printer know any inserts you want to include. Let the printer know exactly where they can be placed. Whether you are printing a book, magazine or catalog, the approach to the work is the same, just like a series of press signatures that will be printed flat and then folded and trimmed.

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Royal Navy sailors turn into fashion models

It was 12 August 1971 when the Royal Navy asked some of its seamen based in Portsmouth to be fashion models on a temporary basis. The Ministry of Defence and the Royal Navy were at that point considering new uniforms for all its sailors.

The Royal Navy asked 7 seaman to model 7 different uniforms that it was considering introducing across the whole service. These models showed off the different uniforms in front of 500 colleagues. The models paraded the new look uniforms to 20 sailors at a time so that the Royal Navy could control their comments. Then the groups of sailors completed questionnaires to pick their favorite one. The models were content enough to model in front of their colleagues yet were less at ease doing a fashion show for the press. The Royal Navy was looking towards getting a new uniform as a survey of 2,000 men in 1970 showed that sailors liked the look of the traditional uniform yet wanted a new one that was easier to clean and iron, especially the trousers.

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